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Kyws-lp  Youth and Seniors

Budget: $2,500


During this past year, after conversations with community members, we began to develop training programs for volunteers who had indicated they were interested in announcer and selected production positions.

Program Successes

We have successfully conducted classes on an introductory level of radio broadcasting, audio mixing and mixer board operations These classes were targeted for entry level instructors and production assistants. Thus far we have trained one production assistant and two instructors for the introductory level classes. We expect increased community interest in these programs going forward.


The benefits to the instructors, who are active seniors engaged in community affairs, have been to broaden their understanding of the radio broadcast media and will influence how they communicate their messages in the future. The production assistant, who attends high school, is developing technical and interpersonal relationship skills that will be invaluable as he progresses with his formal education goals.


Kyws-lp  Community Focus

Budget: $1,000


We are now actively recruiting for experienced announcers, show hosts, and partners for content development in the areas of jobs and community interest.

Program Successes

We have enhanced our social media presence by moving to a new website platform and design, adding You Tube and refining our Facebook presence. Twitter and Facebook will likely find favor with our hosts and on-air personalities as they become more active. These improvements to our social media channels will make our message easier to understand and find on the internet.


Radio Kyws-lp

Budget: $11,500


Our station is celebrating its first year anniversary in March 2019. Because we are still a small organization, we have been focused on upgrading from a playlist based station to one using station automation software. To support this level of software we have acquired 3 servers, 2 work stations and 1 laptop computer. These computers are used every day to support our daily broadcasting on KYWS-lp 92.9 LPFM.

Program Successes

Our volunteers, who for the most part are novices, will not be required to immerse themselves in the technicalities of broadcast management and content delivery of the station to become productive. This benefits them because now they can focus more quickly on the stories they want to share via this form of media or join a production team that is currently in production.

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